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Jan 11, 2013 12:35am PST
life. they say the petite, soft spoken 32-year-old deserves to die because alexander's death was so heinous. he was found butchered in the shower of his mesa, arizona, home in june of 2008. he had been stabbed 27 times, his throat was slit so deep he was almost decapitatdecapitated was shot in the head. the testimony of ryan burns this week may have made her look even worse. he was a romantic interest of jodi arias, who she visited in utah less than 24 hours after she committed the crime. >> what was her demeanor like? >> she was fine. she was laughing about simple little things, just like any other person. she was -- i never once felt that there was anything wrong. >> reporter: burns told the jury right after killing one man, she was kissing another. >> at some point, i mean, we were talking and we kissed. >> and did this kissing continue? or did it just stop at one kiss? >> eventually, we kissed probably many times. every time we started kissing, it got a little more escalated. >> reporter: his testimony is especially damaging because jodi arias says she killed travis alexander in
Jan 17, 2013 12:35am PST
for the brutal murder of alexander. >> i'm begging you to at least come clean and tell me why. >> i wish that i had answers. i'm sorry. >> reporter: he was found butchered in the somehhower of home. >> if i was trying to kill somebody, i would use gloves. i have plenty of them. >> reporter: the 30-year-old businessman and devout mormon had been stabbed 27 times. his throat slit so deep he was almost de ceglcapitated. and he was shot in the head. >> this is over. this is absolutely over. you need to tell me the truth. >> the truth is i did not kill travis. >> reporter: on the tape, arias repeatedly denies she was at alexander's house after the crime. even after the detective confronts her with racy pictures of her in that bed that day. >> that looks like me. >> reporter: even after he tells arias her palm print was found at the bloody crime scene. >> how can that be my palm point? >> reporter: at one point, the detective leaves the room. arias stretches in the chair. then she stretches the truth even more. the admitted killer really turns on the tears. >> i'm just feeling all the thing things, w
Jan 11, 2013 1:00am PST
it out of the way. this is part of this project. my main character is alexander. [inaudible] don't take it personal. my aim, i guess is to at the end of my novel that [inaudible] good mexican novelists. alexander looked at the mirror and saw a mexican stairing back at him. the bad mexican had paid alexander a visit much the conversation from last night's party brought him back in full force. why did he always have to open his big mouth. why tell people that don't care that he hated and despised? he actually might like the [inaudible] hated me english and spanish he could not understand how someone could say he was mexican having been born in the usa. he doesn't like going to mexican places. he does not like to discuss beer and shots of tequilla. he never listened to spanish radio stations. no more mexicans. who did not have a problem being objective with a mexican. [inaudible]. i should try to do something about this he thought this is not good. may be i should try, may be i should make an effort. may be i should drive to the mission and spend quality time with my own people. i'm sure i
Jan 7, 2013 6:30am EST
of the united states, the nominee met with senator lamar alexander, he complained about me to him. but lamar alexander did not ask david to fire me. but he wanted to raise his concern. to david's credit, he did not ask me to change what i was doing, nor did they curtail the project. >> lamar alexander had worked for richard nixon in the white house. >> i interviewed william timothy, who has been the head of the congressional office, and he did not like the interview. >> lamar alexander did not? >> i interviewed lamar alexander and there was no trouble. i interviewed him in 2007. he enjoyed the interview. i interview timmons in 2009 and he did not like it -- he felt there were too many questions about watergate. he was in a sense the rabbi -- alexander's godfather in washington. he is older. i think timmons asked him to do this. >> usually the question he tells us about the oval office -- here is another one the people my age will remember. the lincoln memorial story in the middle of the vietnam war. >> we follow him up to the lincoln memorial -- could not have gone there more than two minute
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
government in the summer of 2007. but i started this oral history with an interview of alexander haig at the end of 2006. and i did oral histories until i left in november of 2011. host: this hour has no rhyme or reason to it. the clips were chosen by mike holden who produces this program. and the objective is just to show the audience because we run a lot of these already a little bit and get you to explain it. before i start that, i want to show you some videotape from 1973, alexander butterfield, testifying before the watergate committee. it's very short and we'll come back to you. [video clip] >> i was aware of listening devices, yes, sir. >> when were those devices placed in the oval office. >> approximate the summer of 1970. i cannot begin to recall the precise date. my guess, mr. thompson, is that the installation was made between -- this is a rough guest, april or may of 1970 and perhaps the end of the summer or early fall 1970. >> you aware of any devices installed in the executive office building of the president? >> yes, sir, at that time. host: fred thompson who was a sena
Jan 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
start, i want to show video tape from 1973 -- alexander butterfield testifying before the watergate commission. >> i was aware of listening devices. >> when were those devices first in the oval office? >> approximately the summer of 1970. i cannot begin to recall the precise date. my guess is that the installation was made between, and this is a very rough guess, april or may of 1970 and perhaps the end of the summer or early fall. >> were you aware of any device is installed in the executive office building of the president? >> yes, sir. >> he was a senator and an actor and was the counsel for the republicans. where did you find alexander butterfield? >> some of them found through google people who knew people. we put out the word we were doing this. initially, the nixon foundation, the private foundation, provided the funding for the first ones we did. i was very upfront about what we were doing -- i promised the nixon foundation and the federal government that we would do a non-partisan oral history program. >> we do not see in these interviews. >> it is by choice. i remember goi
Jan 1, 2013 6:00am PST
and of course lassie alexander the great. he's only a ginny pig. what's so great? can he do tricks? no. but the great? that means something special. well...he is. what? because i raised him myself and he's black and white...with blue eyes. that's nothing. and he's been on a special diet. see how shiney his coat is? let's do something. like what? i don't know but i'm tired of kid stuff. ♪ why don't we explore out there? maybe we'll find buried treasure. in those rocks? sure. or maybe a wild animal? take your wagon just in case. come on get your wagon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ listen. i hear something. look! that's only an old squirrel. yeah but he's wild. he's not wild enough. listen to lassie. sounds like she's really found something. ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! boy! that's more like it! a parachute! bet it's the first time you ever saw a real parachute. lassie has found something else. let's see. boy oh boy! what is it? i don't know. but it must be valuable. was tied onto the parachute. nothing like what i ever saw before. maybe i
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
the throne to her eldest son, willem alexander. , there was heavy speculation she would make that move for some time. she is approaching her 75th birthday. >> a 32 year reign comes to an end. a visibly emotional queen beatrix made the announcement internationally-televised address. , it was a rare honor to spend my life in service to this country and to fill my duties as queen -- fulfill my duties as queen. >> she was one of the longest- serving monarchs in europe, ascending to the throne in april, 1980, after the abdication of her mother. beatrix quickly made her personal mark, combining a fierce sense of duty, hard work, and an engaging personality. not content to be a ceremonial figurehead, she got involved in political issues as well, and proved immensely popular with the dutch people. as a princess in the 1960's, she created a minor scandal by marrying a german diplomat. the memories of nazi occupation were still fresh in the minds of many, but the a tricks and her husband overcame those -- but beatrix and her husband overcame those doubts. he, too, became a popular figure. now, h
Jan 2, 2013 11:35pm PST
murdered her one-time boyfriend travis alexander in june of 2008. prosecutors say the soft spoken arias attacked travis in a jealous rage as he showered. stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat, and then shooting him in the head. >> mr. alexander did not die calmly. he fought. >> reporter: arias also wiped away tears as her attorney painted a different picture, of an abused woman who was forced to kill in self-defense. and a victim who claimed to be a devout mormon but was really a sexual deviant. >> in just those two minutes, jody had to make a choice. she would either live or she would die. >> reporter: this twisted tale has everything. today, the jury saw steamy photos of the victim in the shower just before he was killed. there's also a sex tape of the couple together, and a series of jailhouse interviews when arias repeatedly denies she killed anyone. >> i didn't hurt travis. i would never hurt travis. i would be shaking in my boots right now if i had to answer to god for such a heinous crime. >> reporter: the two met at a work conference six years ago. jody says they fell in lo
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
. she met wilhelm alexander at a spanish festival. apparently she had no idea he was a prince. the couple have three girls. eldest will become the heir apparent. in her abdication speech, queen beatrix said wilhelm alexander was ready to become queen. the surprise announcement came just a few days before her 75th birthday. already is generating talk of a royal domino affect with other europeans asking how long before their monarchs it way to future generations. the official dutch abdication will take place on april 30 or queen's day. from then on, kings they will be held on wilhelm alexander's birthday a few days before, a celebration of the first king to rule the kingdom of the netherlands in more than a century. bbc news, the hague. >> let's talk some more about this. kate williams is a royal historian angeles be in the studio. nice to see you. this is the best way of doing things. >> there is a precedent. her mother advocated before her, her grandmother also advocated and prince wilhelm, much younger, 45. we have quite a silver market. we of queen elizabeth ii, 86, the king
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
to know why, why did you do this to him? >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. there is no question about it. the million dollars question is what would have forced her to do it? >> it is no doubt about it in my mind this was a rage or a killing. >> here is a woman that gets a gun, gets a knife and puts it to what she suspects is good use against this guy. >> i felt that the gunshot wound may have been last but in any event the gunshot wounds and the wounds to the neck would have had to have come after the defensive wounds of the hands. >> certainly if she is going to claim self-defense she is going to have to get up on the stand and she is going to have to testify and justify each and every wound and why. >> what really happened in there? >> in a nut shell, two people took travis' life. two monsters. >> you did not shoot travis? >> i have never even shot a real gun. >> you did not stab him 27 times. >> that is heinou is s. >> or lit his throat from ear to ear? >> i can't imagine slitting any one's throat. >> if i was going to ever try to kill obama i would use gloves. i've got plenty of
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> geraldo: the gruesome scene in june of 2008 when 30-year-old travis alexander is found murdered in his mesa, arizona, home. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. the million dollars question is what would have forced her to do it? >> geraldo: after trying to implicate others, jodi arias through her attorney settles on is self-defense. >> it was travis of it continual abuse. >> geraldo: but if jodi killed travis because she feared otherwise he would kill her why did she tell the cock and bull story to inside edition. in. >> two people took travis' life. two monsters. >> you did not kill travis? >> i have never even shot a gun. >> geraldo: the second week reveals that she lived in a web of lies even about where she work. >> she told me she he worked at magglio ritaville and she cut her. >>> is there a business establishment, a bar or restaurant by the name of margaritaville? >> no, sir. >> geraldo: her commitment to the professed mormon faith is also challenged by one-time love interest ryan byrnes who questioned jodi about the nature of her continuing relationship with the victim. >> i
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
alexander, the wife of senator lamar alexander. and by debby boehner, wife of house speaker john boehner. sorry to interrupt you there. >> more recently, you may disagree with the content and the tone but no one will dispute the fact that george w. bush was aiming for the bleachers with his second inaugural with what he called his freedom speech which is -- in terms of projecting american force, moral and military around the world in the wake of 9/11 and the doctrine of preemptive military action. >> you knows the reference to lincoln, we talk about being in a divided america now. in many ways we are politically. but you think about lincoln and that inauguration, both of his, it was a different level. >> different level all together. he is involved in the conflict where half a million people would be killed, the end of channeled slavery. a lot is at stake. we're fighting now but not anywhere like that, thank god. >> we're about to see the introduction of the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. as you watched her grow in this role the last four years, what do you think? >> we
Jan 27, 2013 11:15pm EST
is leading the way in the blocking. alexander clears the path for washington. 92-yard return. down to the 15. longest return in pro bowl history. led to this, wilson to fitzgerald, 9-yard touchdown grab. ffc sets a game record with 62- points in the victory. >>> spring training is quickly approaching. nats' pitchers and catchers report down in florida two weeks from tuesday. and there may not be a more formidable pitching staff in all of baseball. the nats went from good to great this offseason. signed soriano to bolster the bullpen. clippard became setup man and sor enreturned as closer. but in the biggest game of his life, cardinals rallied to eliminate the nats in game five. now clippard and storen will move to the 7th and 8th inning with the acquisition of soriano. yesterday, clippard and storen shared their thoughts. >> it surprised us. it's a great addition. never can have too many good guys in the bullpen. gives us a lot of depth and lessens the workload for clippard and i. the roles will take care of themselves. doesn't change what i need to do. >> i hadn't heard anything, and i got
Jan 26, 2013 7:00am EST
adolescence and the example senator alexander used about the 15 or 16-year-old beginning to hear voices and going down this path of psychosis what tends to happen most often is not the people getting overtreated but not getting diagnosed or treated at all. specifically with respect to our concerns about violent behavior, we know that treatment reduces that. the most important thing you can do if you want to prevent new events like this that we have often talked about the last five or six years is to ensure that people who are on this half, becoming psychotic and paranoid and grandiose and dangerous are treated. the risk of violence is 15fold higher prior to treatment and after and treatment often does involve anti psychotic medication so it is not the whole treatment, but it is part of making sure people who are developing a psychotic illness are actually not going to become a risk to themselves or other people. >> we will hear testimony from the next panel about approaches like mine/body connections and others in terms of especially as we get into prevention we start recognizing in you
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm EST
. hamilton, alexander hamilton, "the federalist paper" number 22, "the fundamental maxim of republican government requires that the sense of the majority should prevail." now, the framers, to be sure, put in place important checks to temper pure majority rule. for example, the bill of rights protects fundamental rights and liberties. the framers, moreover, imposed structural requirements -- structural requirements. for example, to become a law, a bill must pass both houses of congress identical, then it's subject to the president's veto power, and then, of course, there's always the courts and the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of legislation. the senate itself is a check on pure majority rule. as james madison said again, the use -- and this is to quote madison -- "the use of the senate is to consist in its proceeding with more coolness, with more system, with more wisdom than the popular branch," meaning the house of representatives. to achieve this person, sphrins the smallest states -- from the smallest states which the same number of representatives from the larges
Jan 6, 2013 7:30pm EST
middleton favorite alexander mcqueen, gumpy, and stella mccartney, and puma. ceo francois, husband to actor selma hyak oversees the company founded by his father. he wants to turn it into a fashion and sports powerhouse, finding its way into consumer closets the world over. >> you have restructured the company. you have an emphasis, obviously, on the luxury brands as well as on sports, on puma. >> we've been transforming the group from a financial conglomerate where we were three years ago into a very specialized company dealing in the ready to wear and accessory business. i looked at what was the last 50 years in terms of growth. it was 800 million people. americans, japanese, western europeans. the next 50 years we are adding three billion new consumers -- china, india, brazil. let's add indonesia to that, for instance. the growth that we come in front of us in the next 50 years have nothing to do with what has been achieved in the last 50 years. the only difference is that it will be done in those new markets, one, and the specificity of those markets. young people loving brands, loving
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm PST
correspondent peter alexander has our report from las vegas. >> reporter: the first trip of president obama's second term had the energy of a campaign event. vis issing this high school to build support for immigration reform. >> now is the time to find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants that still see america as the land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president's plan calls for bolstering border security, cracking down on employers hiring undocumented workers, and most controversially allowing 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. to earn citizenship by paying taxes and passing a background check, among other requirements. >> this is not just a debate about policy, it is about people. >> reporter: mr. obama described a similar bipartisan plan in the senate as encouraging, but republicans are also warning the president that there are limits to their willingness to compromise. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest pathway to green card possible, this won't go well, folks. >> reporter: after winning
Jan 18, 2013 5:30pm PST
hundreds of thousands of people on a cold monday in january. our white house correspondent, peter alexander, is in lafayette park across from the white house, in front of the reviewing stand tonight. peter, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you. those are the best seats in the house, for a variety of reasons, including the fact they have heat. that's where the president and the first family will be watching monday's parade. the second obama inaugural is expected to draw roughly a third of the nearly 2 million people who came here four years ago. ♪ it's not a city known for doing much of anything in a hurry, but washington is in overdrive ahead of monday's inaugural festivities. ♪ the capitol gearing up to help celebrate the start of president obama's second term. today, while crews cover the mall, the nation's newly planted front lawn to protect it from trampling feet, workers decorated in advance of the two official inaugural balls, down from ten four years ago. >> this isn't just a celebration of a president or a party. or any political belief. this is a celebration of
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
who admits she did kill travis alexander, and now faces the death penalty. the jury that decides if jodi arias gets that sentence, appeared riveted to this interrogation video. it was taped july 2008, a month after arias repeatedliy estabbe and shot her boyfriend. >> i looked at the map. i know where i went. >> reporter: she craws them a map, to say she was nowhere near alexander's mesa, arizona, home. >> what would you show if you were there? will that change your mind? >> i wasn't there. >> reporter: at which point the detective confronts arias with what police found on this camera in alexander's washing machine. prosecutors say she tried to wash away evidence. but on its memory card, police discovered a series of photos from the day alexander died. the jury saw explicit pictures of an intimate encounter the couple had that afternoon, including this one of arias posing on alexander's bed. followed by nearly 20 shots of alexander in the shower. prosecutors say less than a minute after snapping them, arias attacked her unsuspecting victim. the 32-year-old cried as the jury saw th
Jan 11, 2013 7:30am PST
proud of this lighthouse. the cubans offer hospitality to general alexander alejandro o'reilly. he rose through the ranks of the spanish army. the spanish sent alexander o'reilly to cuba to form a militia. he was appointed governor of louisiana and head of the army later on. he arrived in august, 1769, and took formal possession of louisiana for spain. think of new orleans and cuba, in particular havana, governors there were also in cuba so there was all this traveling from one city to another because later when i got my ph.d. from tulaine university and i went to the irish channel. it's interesting, the irish history connected with new orleans. so the o'reilly family has been in louisiana for centuries. in cuba, nobody remembers him but it was the street of calle oreilly, famous until the 50's for its banks and bookstores. it was one of the favorite streets of (inaudible) secretary of the spanish count of fernandino, my grandfather, another irish man feeling at home in havana. there, at the busy corner of calle street and oreilly was a cafe bakery owned by a catelan. it was described b
Jan 26, 2013 7:30pm PST
. there is a professor michelle alexander and aclu attorney and "new jim crow" book and talked about the issues as it relates to drug issues and how that's a civil rights concern and that book has taken off and inspired a lot of people and lead to the human rights commission's hearing that happened and i think as a commission we should definitely as uncomfortable and difficult this topic is we're not shying away from looking at it. we might have a different analysis but it's important to take that time so thank you. >> i want to be careful. our officers in san francisco are diverse. it's one of the most diverse in the country. we have training and occ does a mag 95-cent job looking at that and. >> >> making sure things are race thought ral and you have to be. >> >> careful when you throw things out there and our officers are the best in the business. i was speaking to officer monroe and the guy said -- >> he did that in the context of his work. >> his work. >> i got your back inspector. >> he made that distinction many times. >> right. >> put him out there in a muni uniform to buy them. w
Jan 4, 2013 11:30pm PST
and alexander santos. alexander graduated from ucla and is a proud member of the famous structural engineering firm of santos and urrutia. my daughter is a graduate of boston university. she works for the san francisco international terminal marketing division. born and raised san franciscans. i want to encourage everyone out there listening that this is the best city to raise a family. regarding a few of those articles that you read about families leaving san francisco -- don't. stay in the city. this is what can happen to you if you stay. [laughter] in terms of my dedication, i think, san francisco has embraced me, has welcomed me, has allowed me to prosper, allow me to raise this incredible family. as a naturalized u.s. citizen, i tell you i have learned a great deal about compassion, public service, and it is time for me to give something back to a community that has embraced me and opened their arms to me. [applause] and that is what i intend to do as a new trustee. you may have heard that i have an unusual work schedule. i open my office every morning at 5:20 a.m. i have an open house fo
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
on the major break in this case. >> police have arrested alexander buckley. he knew the victim in this case. they are not saying why he allegedly killed her. >> i cannot do it. i just cannot do it. >> too distraught and into much pain to talk about her granddaughter on camera. we went to her home after police released the name of the man they still in -- they say killed her. alexander buckley shot her in the head friday morning. >> i do not know who he is. >> investigators say they knew each other. sources are telling abc7 he took something from the victim. they would not say whether it was before or after the murder. >> to speak -- just to know i will not see her this summer. >> her friend does not understand why anybody would do this. >> someone can just purposely hurt somebody like that. expected she was so sweet. >> he had just graduated from montgomery high school. she worked to bring jobs. >> her job and her grandmother were most important to her. >> they could not figure out why they would be -- why she would be here in the morning. grandma said she wanted the best for her. >> trying
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder. he's 21-year-old alexander buckley of northwest washington, a man police say was acquainted with the victim. she was an 18-yard from -- 18- year-old from takoma park, maryland, a 2012 graduate of montgomery high school in silver spring. she was shot in the head, her body found on a sidewalk next to a bus stop. a 911 call brought them to the crime scene just after 3:00 this morning. as far as a motive behind the killing, neither the police nor the victim's family is offering any theories. a man who livers near the crime scene didn't hear a gunshot and wonders if she was shot some place else and dumped on the sidewalk in front of his home. we spoke with the victim's family this afternoon. they tell us they're not sure who she was with last night or where she was going. her friends are taking to twitter to remember her saying young other things they can't believe the news and that she'll be soarly missed. >> bob barnard tonight. >>> straight ahead on the news edge, creating your own currency. a local lawmaker wants to do that. the idea raising a
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
, they are announcing they have arrested 21-year-old alexander buckly and charged him with her murder. the 18-year-old victim, we're being told, lived in takoma pa and worked at a supermarket. it's unclear what she was doing in this neighborhood, but authorities say she did know the man suspected of killing her. lee's body was found at the corner of 5th and nicolson shortly before 4:00 friday morning. she was taken to the medical examiner's office. her grieving father spoke to wusa9 and doesn't know why anyone would want to do this to his daughter. >> he had -- she was coming to her own. she was about to start school on february 12 at may tech and -- may tag and working at starbucks. she was doing well. >> well clearly yet again, another young life tragically cut short. police saying right now, they are still looking into the biggest question of all of this. why? why did this even happen? alexander buckly arrested, suspected of being behind all of this. for now, we're live in northwest d.c., wusa9. >> ken, just a question. we are trying to piece this together. mr. buckly, what do we know about
Jan 29, 2013 7:00pm EST
designed bottle from alexander. he just had a show at the american wing of the smithsonian. owns a couple pieces in the houston museum of fine arts. he is right here mr. john alexander. we will pan over to him. >> we call him rooster. in the bottle with a beautiful clear, wonderful virgin bottle like this, we couldn't put any nonpolluted substance. no citrus oil and no raw sugar. many lesser priced vodkas have these oils to mask the alcohol. we aren't afraid of our alcohol. >> you won't get a bad buzz? >> everything in moderation, but you won't get a hangover. sweet, vanilla crisp. we don't mask the alcohol and we sold almost 4 million bottles. >> what do you recommend for a super bowl drink? >> well, for the ladies, because ladies are the most important component of football. they make the men comfortable. now ladies are also into contact sports. we have a lot of sports casters that are ladies, and so you know, football and sports has opened up to the female world. a lot of females, more than males perhaps are conscious of dietary points. we'll do a skinny cocktail. a couple of those
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
. thank you, both. >> thank you. >> coming up, senator lamar alexander says the president has a bad habit of forgetting there is a u.s. senate. what does senator alexander mean. >> and it is an exciting week for the miami heat's lebron james. what were the nba champ's two most amazing moments. in 2 minutes. >> lebron james, tweeting from the white house. you would think that was the most exciting thing to happen to lebron james this week. but he seemed much more excited when he saw a fan throw a hook shot from half court and sink it -- the unbelievable shot in the miami heat game against the detroit pistons. the fan won $75 thousand. lebron was so amazed he tackled the winner after the shot. now, if you want to see that incredible video of the fan sinking the half-court shot and getting tackled by lebron james. go to gretawire. back in two minutes. iment republicans senators declaring victory. >> we spoke with carp lamar alexander. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> the obama administration is not happy with the decision from the united states court of appeals, the d.c. circuit,
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